Rose Water

An Introduction to Rosewater Supplied by Infinitynuts
Rose water is flavored water made by rose petals in water, a by-product of the production of rose oil for use in the aroma.
Rose water, as a component in some cosmetic and medical preparations, also used to flavor food and for religious purposes throughout Europe and Asia. Rose syrup is made from rose water, with sugar added.

Cosmetic and medicinal use
Rose water is a usual component of perfume. A rose water ointment is occasionally used as a softener, and rose water is sometimes such as cold creams used in cosmetics.Medicinal use-Ayurveda(the traditional Hindu system of medicine): In India, rose water is used as eye drops to clear them.Some people also use rose water as spray applied directly to the face for natural fragrance and moisturizer, especially during winters. They have also used sweets and other food preparations They are often sprinkled rose water in weddings to welcome their guests.