Figs Provided by INFINITYNUTS
The soil and climate in the city of Estahban near Shiraz center of Fars province are ideal for growing the best figs in the world.
Figs orchards in Estahban cultivated by dry farming and their fruits are naturally sun-dried.Most of the activity in the orchards of figs begins in May as the fruit appears on the tree and culminates in October when the first picking of dried figs started.

Figs tree have no blossoms on their branches, the flowers are inside the fruit.These many tiny flowers produce the crunchy little seeds, which give figs their unique texture. Pollination of fruit is by a tiny wasp stinger less, that coming out from male figs and enters the “eye” at the bottom of the female figs, unwittingly pollinates it by brushing pollen onto the female flowers in order to have the fruit mature. It then exits the figs to pollinate other fruits.

After the maturing and drying phases of figs that take place on the tree, the crop collected and transferred to the factory.The fruit travels through two more sorts by sorting machine and workers carefully to remove blemished and undesirable fruit and also grading, selecting for a different purpose.

Dried figs
After processing and selecting the figs, they are graded in different sizes by All grade for dried figs are as follows: