Export Documents

List of Documentation Needed in Petrochemical Business

Question: Why is documentation needed in export business?
Answer: This question lies in the nature of the business relations between the exporter (Infinity Galaxy) and the importer operating from two countries. One knows, unlike the domestic business, the commercial practices and legal systems are different in the two countries the exporter and importer are operating from.
Therefore, to protect the respective interests of the exporter and the importer involved in export business, certain documentary formalities become essential. Such documentation facilitates the smooth flow of goods and payments thereof across national frontiers.
Export documents based on our business divided to below items:

Essential Documents

Performa Invoice

An “Infinity Export” Performa Invoice is a document that states a commitment on part of the seller to deliver the products or services as notified to the buyer for a specific price.

Commercial Invoice

This is the first basic and the only complete document in an export transaction in “Infinity Export”. It is, in fact, a document of contents containing information about goods. Cargo, price charged, the terms of shipment and marks and numbers on the packages containing the merchandise.

Bill of Lading (BL)

Bill of lading (B/L) is a document which is issued by the shipping company acknowledging that the goods mentioned therein are either being shipped or have been shipped. This is also an undertaking that the goods in like order and condition as received will be delivered to the consignee, provided that the freight specified therein has been duly paid.

CO: Certificate of Origin

A certificate of origin (often abbreviated to C/O, COO or Co) is a document used in international trade. In a printed form or as an electronic document, it is completed by the exporter and certified by a recognized issuing body, attesting that the goods in a particular export shipment have been produced, manufactured or processed in a particular country.

Shipping order

Infinity Export Shipping order is a copy of the shipper’s instruction issued by the shipping company to a shipper regarding the disposition of goods to be transported.

Packing List

Infinity Export Packing List (also known as a bill of parcel, unpacking note, packaging slip, (delivery) docket, delivery list, manifest or customer receipt, shipping list) is a document which details the contents, and often dimensions and weight, of each package or container.

Soft Offer

In marketing, an offer to receive a product and to make payment later. Buyer will issue a Soft Offer and then after they will receive the quotation.

Commission Letter or Commission Agreement

Commission Letter is commitment between Infinity Export and the broker or buyer or agent to refund their commission after finalizing the deal.